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Banff Elementary School
Banff Elementary School (15DP49) - 325 Squirrel Street

The Town of Banff has received an application from the Canadian Rockies Public School District (CRPS) for the redevelopment of the Banff Elementary School located at 325 Squirrel Street. The Elementary School site is one of the largest sites in the entire Town, and has been a fixture in this location since the 1950s. The School serves primarily as a public education facility for Banff's children, however it also has a role as a recreational amenity for the community and a green space within the residential neighbourhoods north of the Bow River.

Current Proposal
The current proposal for the Elementary School is for a 2-phased development which will see the Elementary School eventually re-centred on its current site with a primary entrance on Squirrel Street and a secondary entrance on Big Horn Street. Playing fields will flank both sides of the building along Elk Street and Moose Street. 


In Phase 1, development of the site is limited to the building wings fronting Squirrel Street. Once Phase 1 is complete, part of the student body will relocate to the new wings along with Elementary School administration. The existing school building will remain throughout all of Phase 1, with a temporary corridor constructed to link the old and new buildings. In addition, a mid-block raised crosswalk will be introduced in Phase 1 adjacent to the new school's front entrance along Squirrel Street. 

Within its residential setting, the building retains a two-storey overall mass with the largest element (the gymnasium) located in the centre of the site. Find out more from the detailed drawing package below:

In Phase 2 (currently not funded), development of the rest of the school building and the remainder of the site will occur, including all landscaping work. On each public street flanking the school site, public sidewalks will be introduced along with parallel parking. 

Learn More
If residents have any questions regarding the Development Permit drawings, Planning and Development is available to meet one-on-one. Call 403.762.1215 to schedule a meeting with the project planner. 

Get Involved
The application is scheduled to be reviewed by Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) at their December 16, 2015 meeting. Written feedback can be forwarded via email to . You're encouraged to provide written input in advance of the meeting so that they may be included in the MPC agenda package. In addition, MPC allows for a five minute presentation from each member of the public to speak at the December 16 meeting.