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BanffLIFE hike groupBanffLIFE is the best resource for young adults aged 18 to 30 to get started in Banff. Check out the BanffLIFE Calendar for programs, including:

All BanffLIFE events are dedicated to promoting healthy, well-rounded lifestyles for young adults living and working in Banff and Lake Louise as well as nurturing a sense of community.

The aim is to inspire more productive, informed locals by fostering the development of positive attitudes and a healthy approach to living and working in Banff and Lake Louise.

In order to do that, we want to provide experiential opportunities which highlight the range of recreational, cultural and volunteer activities available in the area, as well as let staff know where they can access helping services if they should need them.

These programs are specifically and exclusively for local young adults. You must be living or working in the Bow Valley to participate in any of these programs. Special equipment is typically provided, most trips are introductory and no prior experience is necessary.    With support from the community,  BanffLIFE is able to offer these programs at very affordable rates, considerably less than actual cost. Bursaries are also available to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to join.

Mountain Adventure Programs are supported by Mountain Research.

Volunteering with BanffLIFE
is an awesome way to connect with the community and meet new friends. We're always looking for volunteers!

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