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Bike Safety
bikes safetyVehicle and pedestrian traffic can be busy in Banff, please pay attention when cycling. Here are some tips to keep you safe:

  1. Wear a properly-fitted helmet in good condition.
  2. Be predictable: obey traffic signs, lights, and basic right-of-way rules, just like a motorist.
  3. Use hand signals to tell other road users what you intend to do.
  4. Watch for pedestrians and motorists who may not be paying attention; act respectfully.
  5. Ride at a speed that will allow you to stop quickly if unexpected circumstances arise.
  6. Always ride WITH, not against, the flow of traffic, staying to the right edge of the driving lane.
  7. As you pass parked vehicles, be alert for occupants opening their doors into the driving lane. Don’t get “doored”!
  8. Install good working lights on your bike for riding at night.
  9. Only children 12 and under are permitted to ride on the sidewalk.