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Building Permits
You must obtain a building permit before you begin your project. In most cases, both a development permit and building permit are required. To confirm whether your project requires a building permit, please contact the Planning & Development department.

Building permit application forms can be downloaded below. Complete and submit your form to Planning & Development along with two sets of detailed construction drawings.

Building Permit Fees
Project/Fee Type Fee
Alberta Safety Codes Council All building and demolition permits are subject to surcharge for the
Alberta Safety Codes Council which is $4.50 or 4% of the total
permit cost, whichever is greater, to a maximum of $560.00
Commercial/Institutional $10.25 per $1000 of estimated construction cost. The estimated
construction cost is the total cost of constructing and finishing the
building, including labour, materials and site servicing.
Minimum $125.00
$10.25 per $1000 of estimated construction cost
Minimum $125.00
Residential Development
$10.25 per $1000 of estimated construction cost
Minimum $125.00
Accessory Buildings $9.75 per $1000 of estimated construction cost
Minimum $110.00
$9.75 per $1000 of estimated construction cost
Minimum $110.00
Fireplace and chimney permit $100.00
$2.25 per square metre.
Minimum $125.00 Maximum $2,500.000
Permit issued after
construction started without a permit
Double current fee
Plan Re-examination
Resubmission of plans or specifications where re-examination is
required or requested by a Safety Codes Officer due to revisions,
inaccuracies or lack of information in the plans or specifications
originally submitted. $250.00
Where an inspection is required due to correction of noted
deficiencies. $250.00
Safety Inspections
When an inspection is required for a building closed due to an
order or unsafe conditions. $3,200.00
Weekend/Statutory Holiday
When an inspection is required on a weekend or statutory holiday.
$150.00 per hour per staff person (Minimum 4 hours- $600.00)
Partial Permits
$125.00 per dwelling unit. All other buildings $1.00 per square
Minimum fee $75.00, maximum fee $3,500.00
Foundation Permit
$450.00 This fee is non-refundable and shall be credited against the 
building permit fee at the time of issuance
Permit Extension – no revisions
10% of the building permit fee( Minimum fee $125.00)
Permit Extension – with revisions
10% of the building permit fee (minimum fee $150.00) or $85 per
hour per staff person, whichever is greater.
Where an applicant wishes to re-instate a permit that has expired
within 30 days of the expiry date, they shall be charged a fee equal
to one half of the building permit fee.
Upon receipt of a written request for refund of a building permit
fee, for which construction work has not commenced, 25% of the
original fee shall be withheld (subject to a minimum of $75.00 )
Other permits involving plumbing, gas and electrical inspections are the responsibility of the builder. 

National Energy Code for Buildings
Effective November 1, 2016, the Government of Alberta introduced energy efficiency regulations to be included with building permit applications.  This requires the building permit applicant to include a declaration be made that the calculations have been completed in compliance with new Alberta Building Code requirements (9.36.5).

Questions or clarifications regarding these requirements can be directed to Alberta Municipal Affairs, Safety Services at 1-866-421-6929 or by email at

New Home Buyer Protection Act (NHBPA)
The NHBPA came into force on February 1, 2014.  As of that date, all new homes in Alberta must be built with a home warranty in place. The Act applies only to new homes constructed under a building permit and states that the proposed new home has been registered with the Registrar, and (a) has the required home warranty coverage (b) will be built by an owner builder who has a valid authorization, or (c) is otherwise exempted from having the required home warrant coverage.

More information about the new warranty standards and warranty providers in Alberta is available at http://www.homewarranty.alberta.ca. You can also download the Permit Issuers Training Guide for New Home Buyer Protection Act.

Building Inspections

If constructing a new residential or commercial building, you will need a building inspection at some point during the construction process. Review the inspection requirements for your project.


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