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Council Policies
Council policies mandate various functions and services of the Town of Banff and where necessary, establish the procedure by which the functions are performed, and services are delivered.  
Please send any questions regarding the Council policies to the Municipal Clerk.

Municipal Governance and Administration

Municipal Policy Development - C1000
Establishes a consistent approach and philosophy for the development and approval of Town of Banff policies.

Flag Protocol C1001
Protocol for flying municipal flags at half-mast.

Non-Proclamation C1002
Standard for formal council endorsement of events, messages, interests or activities.

Corporate Gifts from the Town of Banff C1003
Provides guidelines for corporate gift giving by defining when a gift is appropriate and/or desirable, by providing recommended price ranges for gifts given in various circumstances, and by providing criteria to ensure gifts are consistently identified as being from the Town of Banff. 

Signing Authority C1004
Clarification of roles, responsibilities and signing authority for cheques, agreements, other negotiable instruments and other municipal documents.

Council Remuneration C1005
Guidelines for the remuneration and benefits available to a member of council and expenses that will be assumed by the municipality when carrying out their official duties.

Acceptance of Gifts C1006
Parameters on the acceptance of gifts by council members.

Committee Appointments C019-1
Procedures for committee membership application, appointment, operation and member recognition.

Sponsorship C120
Creating an authorized environment for entering into sponsorship agreement and partnership

HR and Employees

Administration of Employee Housing C2000
Process for the administration, inventory control, maintenance and rental rate review that supports recruitment and retention of employees at the Town of Banff.

Employee Compensation and Benefits C2001
Establishes a consistent process for the administration and allocation of compensation and benefits costs, while supporting recruitment and retention of employees.

Housing Incentive Purchase Program C2003
Establishes a local, first-time housing purchase incentive for Town of Banff employees.

Corporate Gifts from the Town of Banff C053
Guidelines for giving gifts on behalf of the Town to individuals and groups from outside the organization as well as to employees.

Travel Expenses C2002
Guidelines for employees and council members authorized to travel on Town of Banff business.

Municipal Planning & Development

Accessory Dwellings C111
Guidelines for enhancing the supply & mix of affordable housing options.

Housing C012
Guiding principles and procedures to encourage the creation of affordable housing for residents of Banff, particularly with respect to commercial development.

Parking Cash-in-Lieu C017
Standards for calculation of cash-in-lieu for parking requirements for renovation, redevelopment and development.

Environmental Stewardship Policy C093
Adoption of the Environmental Stewardship Policy for the Town of Banff.

Construction Site Hoarding Policy C3000
The purpose of this policy is to assist property owners and lessees, builders, developers and general contractors in understanding the expectations of the Town of Banff regarding the appearance of construction site hoarding.

Financial Management

Payment Acceptance C4000
Provides directions on the forms of payments accepted by the Town and set limits by payment type.

Investment of Surplus Funds C032
Procedure for investing municipal surplus funds.

Purchasing C099
Guidelines for municipal purchasing of goods & services.

Tangible Capital Assets  C110
Guidelines and procedures for recording, tracking and accounting for tangible capital assets.

Revenue Leasing and Licensing C117
Guidelines to be followed by employees when leasing or licensing Town-owned property.

Public Places and Events

Parade C5000
Guidelines for safety of parade participants and audience.

Festivals and Special Event C5001
Guidelines for the standards, frequency, and expectations for festivals and events in Banff.

Banff Bench Program C5002
Guidelines for the consistent decision making process related to the acceptance, placement and long-term maintenance of bench donations and dedications in Town owned public places.

Heritage Resource C5003
A strategic framework to support the preservation and commemoration of heritage sites in Banff.

Sidewalk Seating/Cafe C7005
Guidelines for the design standards and approval process for the development of and operation of sidewalk seating/cafe areas.

Outdoor Merchandise Display C121
Guidelines for the minimum design standard and approval process for outdoor merchandise display areas.

Public Art C103
Procedures to site, acquire, commission and facilitate art for public spaces.

Street Pole and Banner C101
Guidelines for design, approval, installation and maintenance of street pole banners.

Fleet, Equipment and Materials Management

Green Fleet C6000
Establishes guidelines to reduce the fuel consumption of the fleet.

Disposal of Fixed Assets C6001
Establishes guidelines the disposal of surplus or obsolete Fixed Assets.

Municipal Infrastructure, Facilities and Property Management and Use

Snow and Ice Management C108-1
Priorities and levels of service for sanding, plowing and snow removal.

Municipal Sustainable Building C106
Standards for design, construction and operation of municipal buildings.

Street Lighting C119
Establishment of an overall lighting plan for the Town, including performance standards and general design standards for new lighting equipment.

Naming of Parks and Recreation Facilities C013
Criteria and process for naming parks and recreation facilities. 

Pets on Municipal Property C7000
Clarifies under what conditions dogs or othe pets may be allowed in municipal buildings and facilities.

Sidewalk Inspection and Repair C7001
Establishes priorities and levels of service for sidewalk inspection and repair.

Trails Lighting C7002
 Establishes standards for the lighting of trails in the Town of Banff

Public Use of Municipal Facilities C7003
Ensures that Town facilities are operated in a fiscally responsible manner and ensures that the allocation of the facilities is done in a fair and equitable manner.

Information Infrastructure, Governance and Management

Body Worn Cameras C8000
Guides employees in the use of body worn cameras in a way that balances the maximum benefits of the technology without compromising the privacy rights of the public and employees.

Quality Management Plans

Fire Discipline Uniform Quality Management Plan C105
Administration of the Safety Codes Act – Fire Discipline.

Quality Management Plan C082
Administration of the Safety Codes Act – Building Discipline Street and Public Place Use.