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TIPP Payment Plan
Sign up for the Town's convenient monthly payment plan for property taxes, TIPP (Tax Installment Payment Plan). You can use TIPP as long as your account is not in arrears and you have a bank account. Line of credit or power line accounts cannot be used.

Step 1
Complete a TIPP application, available at Town Hall or below. As you must submit a void cheque with the form, it cannot be submitted online.  

Step 2
Submit the form along with an unsigned cheque marked "VOID":

By mail
        Town of Banff 
        Attn: Taxes & Utilities 
        Box 1260 
        Banff, Alberta T1L 1A1

In person: 
        Banff Town Hall at 110 Bear Street 
         Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

By fax: 
        Attention: Taxes & Utilities 

If you are purchasing a home currently on TIPP, you may continue the program. Call 403.762.1230 for details.

Things to Know
  • If you sign up after January 15, an initial payment of the missed installment must be paid
  • Your bank may have service charges
  • TIPP payments are not refundable or transferable
  • 30 days written notification is required to make changes or cancel
  • Complete a Banking Information Change Form (PDF) and provide a new "VOID" cheque to change accounts
  • If you cancel, all unpaid taxes become due
  • TIPP continues until we receive written notification from you to cancel or stop withdrawals

Change Mortgage Company Payments to TIPP 
You can contact your mortgage company and have your tax account terminated in their system. Once your mortgage company informs us of this change, we can process your TIPP application. 

Missed TIPP Payment 
We may cancel the agreement and request payment of the total outstanding taxes if two payments are missed.

Supplementary Taxes and TIPP
A supplementary tax bill is levied when a building or residence is built or redeveloped in the current tax year, resulting in an increase in the assessed value of the property. This bills are issued in the late fall. If you anticipate a supplementary bill, you may increase your TIPP payments above the original estimate to accumulate a credit to pay the supplementary bill.

When supplementary bills are issued, the accumulated credits (your TIPP payment to date) will be itemized on the bill. If the balance owing is greater than the remaining TIPP payments in the calendar, an increase in payments will be necessary to avoid penalties starting January 1 of the new year. An additional lump sum payment may be required to bring the account to a NIL balance by year-end.

Taxes & Utilities
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