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When Emergencies Happen
Listen to the radio, and check this website, the town's Facebook or Twitter feed. Have a battery-operated or hand crank radio on hand in case electricity fails, and listen for instructions. The Alberta Emergency Alert System will be employed. Alerts will also be posted to the Alert Centre, the town's Twitter and Facebook page. Sign up now to receive an email every time an emergency alert is posted.

Don't use your telephone. Keep lines clear, unless it is absolutely necessary, including your cell phones. Emergency crews will need all available bandwidth.

Check your home. Check for fires, fire hazards, gas leaks, damaged utilities and spilled flammable liquids. Next, confine or secure your pets and check on your neighbours.

Prepare to shelter in place. Find out how.

Be ready to evacuate. If the emergency is serious enough, you may be asked to leave your home and go to a nearby evacuation centre, like a school gym or The Fenlands. You will first receive a notice to prepare to evacuate. If an evacuation order is issued, you must leave.

If you receive an evacuation order:
  • leave immediately
  • take your emergency survival kit with you
  • listen to the radio and follow instructions from local emergency officials
  • if you are instructed to do so, shut off water, gas and electricity
  • wear clothes and shoes appropriate to conditions
  • lock your home
  • follow the routes specified by the officials and don't take shortcuts
  • leave a note telling others when you left and where you went

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