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What To Do During Emergencies
During a Severe Lightning Storm
  • if you are in a building, stay inside and away from windows, doors, fireplaces, radiators, stoves, metal pipes, sinks or other electrical charge conductors
  • unplug TVs, radios, toasters and other electrical appliances
  • do not use the phone or other electrical equipment
  • if you are outside, seek shelter in a building, cave or depressed area
  • if you are caught in the open, crouch down with your feet close together and your head down (in the leap-frog position); don't lie flat - minimize your contact with the ground
  • keep away from telephone and power lines, fences, trees and hilltops
  • get off bicycles, motorcycles and tractors
  • if you are in a car, stop the car and stay in it. . .do not stop near trees or power lines that could fall

During a Flood
  • turn off basement furnaces and the outside gas valve
  • shut off the electricity: if the area around the fuse box or circuit breaker is wet, stand on a dry board and shut off the power with a dry wooden stick
  • never try to cross a flooded area on foot - the fast water could sweep you away
  • if you are in a car, try not to drive through flood waters - fast water could sweep your car away
  • if you are caught in fast rising waters and your car stalls, leave it and save yourself and your passengers

During a Winter Power Failure
  • turn the thermostat(s) down to a minimum and turn off all appliances, electronic equipment and tools
  • use proper candle holders, and never leave lit candles unattended

During a Tornado
  • if you are in a building, go to the basement immediately
  • if there is no basement, crouch or lie flat under heavy furniture in an inner hallway or small inner room or stairwell away from windows
  • stay away from large halls, arenas, shopping malls, etc. as their roofs could collapse
  • if you are outside and there is no shelter, lie down in a ditch or ravine; protect your head
  • if you are driving, get out of and away from the car - it could blow through the air or roll over on you: lie down as above

Remember: Do not use charcoal or gas barbecues, camping heating equipment or generators indoors.

In the event of an emergency, the Town of Banff will issue alerts with information through the Alert Centre as well as on its Twitter and Facebook page. You can sign up to receive an email every time an alert is issued through Notify Me.