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Snow Management Plan
Snow RemovalSnow Management Plan
All Town of Banff roads are plowed based on a priority system outlined in the Town’s Snow Management Map (PDF). Road maintenance is done seven days a week throughout the winter season. Response during and after a snowfall involves snow plowing a driving lane and sanding. Priority 1 is plowed within 24 hours of a snowfall; Priority 2 is plowed within 24 hours of a snowfall, or after Priority 1 is completed to satisfactory condition.

Whats New?
There are new overnight winter parking regulations in the downtown core. Please do not park in the restricted zone between 2 - 7 a.m. This allows safe and efficient snow removal before business hours. 

Snow MapPriority 1 (Red Zone): All major arterial streets, the roads in the downtown core, bus routes and access to emergency services

Priority 2 (Blue Zone): Intersections, corners, hills, school zones, and known problem areas, after the Red Zone routes are considered in satisfactory condition  

Priority 3 & 4: Assigned based on gradient and volume

Parking Lots: Generally maintained after Priority 2 is satisfactory, during hours where use of the parking lots is at a minimum

Sidewalks: Adjacent to municipal property, paved and unpaved trails, municipal stairways (e.g Tatanga stairs), the gazebo and areas around public washrooms are maintained by the town according to the priority system. Property owners are responsible for clearing public sidewalks along their property lines. Failure to clear sidewalks could result in a $100 fine. Find out more about the responsibility of property owners to clear sidewalks.

Real Time Locations of Snow Maintenance Equipment
Most Town of Banff snow management vehicles are equipped with GPS sensors which report their current location and speed. This information is updated every 10 minutes on the Town of Banff Snow Management Map so you can see where vehicles are currently located, as well as where they've been over the past 6 hours. Staff also post live field updates to the map letting the public know when and where snow removal work will be done. Open the map in a new window.

Follow the Town of Banff's streets department on Twitter for road updates @BanffStreets.

We Don't Salt the Roads
Salt is corrosive to vehicles and our infrastructure. It is also harmful to the environment. As the town uses sand with gravel and three per cent salt for roads.

During winter, staff shifts run from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days per week and staff are on-call overnight. This means that there is a streets crew member available 24/7. On-call staff are activated by the streets supervisor or the RCMP. The Town of Banff streets maintenance team consists of : 
  • Streets supervisor 
  • Streets foreman 
  • Full-time crew members 
  • Part-time crew member

The town owns and operates the following vehicles for winter road maintenance 
  • Three sanders (two with plows) 
  • One grader

 If you are concerned about a road or sidewalk that has not been cleared, please submit an Action Request.

Snow RemovalSnow Removal and Winter Road Maintenance
Winter road maintenance is: 
  • Sanding all roads 
  • Maintaining a laneway wide enough for vehicles - parking lanes are not typically cleared
  • Daily inspections for icy/unsafe conditions, damage or vandalism to infrastructure 

Snow removal is done only when required. It consists of:
  • Physical removal of snow, using the entire streets crew and contracted haulers 
  • One to three days notice of a Temporary No Parking zone

Parking During a Snow Event
The Town will post temporary 'no parking' signs on streets to work on snow removal. Town bylaws allow for the removal of cars in temporary no parking zones after 24 hours. If cars were parked there prior to the no parking signs going up, it would be at the expense of the Town. But cars parked in those zones after signs go could be subject to a fine or towing.