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Residential Recycling & Garbage

RecyclingIn the Town of Banff, almost 50 per cent of all waste is diverted from landfill, though with a little extra effort we could be diverting as much as 80 per cent. 

Almost all Banff residences are within a five minute walk to recycling bins. The Town offers a variety of convenient animal-proof garbage and recycling resources to help us reach this number. 

Find out where to bring your waste

Find out how to sort your waste 
There are bins conveniently located around town for various waste streams. Find out how to sort and where to bring:

Reusable Bins
Available for purchase from Town Hall:

  • Stackable Recycling Bins - Blue labelled stacking bins with handles, perfect for a pantry, garage or apartment: $5 each.
  • Food Waste Kitchen Collectors - Plastic bins with handles & secure, microperforated lids: $5 each.

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