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GreenlidThe Town of Banff collects and recycles your food waste and turns it into high-quality fertilizer. Bring your food waste to one of five food bins around town:
  • Recycling Depot on Beaver Street
  • Recycling Depot on Hawk Avenue
  • Cave Avenue
  • Middle Springs Drive
  • Squirrel Street & Rabbit Street
Recycling Food Scraps
  1. Collect your food waste in a reusable plastic container or a Greenlid compostable compost bin.
  2. Empty your reusable plastic container in one of the bins marked Food around town, or toss a full Greenlid into the Food bin.
  3. Never use plastic bags because they don't break down.
  4. Never backyard compost. It's a wildlife attractant.

What to Recycle
  • Raw & cooked fruits & vegetablesFood Waste
  • Pits, peelings, rinds, tops, cores, husks
  • Pumpkins, tomatoes, squash, popcorn, potato chips, bananas, apples oranges, etc.
  • Rice, breads, cereal, noodles, toast, tortillas, baked goods, pastries, pies, etc.
  • Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags and leaves
  • Cheese
  • Paper soiled with food
  • Eggshells
  • Popsicle and stir sticks (wooden only)
  • Small bones (e.g., poultry)

Liquid or semi-liquid materials (yogurt, sour cream or ice cream) may be rinsed down the drain with dish water. 

  • Elastics, twist ties, stickers, plastic labels
  • pet waste
  • Large bones and meat

Information on how to dispose of:

Operations Department