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Non-Residential Garbage & Recycling
GarbageIt's Not All Garbage Anymore
To reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, non-residential waste is divided into several waste streams.

Businesses are required to sort their waste into three bins: cardboardfood and garbage. Sizes and scheduled pick-ups for these bins are determined by the business owner; the more efficiently you divert your waste and schedule your pick ups, the more money you'll save. Change your service using our online forms

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Other Non-Residential Waste
Find out what other non-residential waste items can be recycled, where to drop-off items and how to dispose of construction/demolition waste.
Printable Guides 

Common items that can't be recycled:
Padded envelopes, carbon paper, elastic bands, paper clips, plastic liners, plasticized or wax papers, bones, twist ties, stickers, plastic labels, straws, condiment packets and foil wrappers.