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Banff Housing Corporation Portfolio
The Banff Housing Corporation has built 173 family housing units for home ownership in the Middle Springs area. In addition, the BHC has also acquired 10 already-built apartment-style condominium units in the downtown core. The Banff Housing Corporation's focus is to manage the properties currently in its portfolio. 

The Banff Housing Corporation does not maintain a rental housing portfolio of significance, although the BHC does have two apartments in the downtown core.

Number of Units
Units with Suites
Riverview Court
7 Single Family
7 Townhouse
4 Duplex
2A (Jasper Way)
14 Duplex
2B (Sulphur Court)
14 Duplex
10 Townhouse
2C (Middle Springs)
17 Townhouse
12 Townhouse
2D (Fairholme Place)
8 Townhouse
14 Duplex
7 Single Family

8 Duplex
5 Single Family
2D2 (Fairholme Place)
4 Single Family   
4 Single Family
2F (Sundance Court)
21 Townhouse

14 Single Family
22 Duplex
6 Single Family
10 Duplex
 2G (Middle Springs)
 10 Duplex
 Peyto Place     
 10 Apt

These units have been sold to residents at below-market cost through a sublease arrangement whereby the Housing Corporation retains an equity share of the total value of the unit.