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Living Near Wildlife
Grizzly Our Neighbours are Pretty Wild
We share this place with wildlife like deer, elk, bears and many other types of animals. They may venture into town, or stay on the outskirts. But they’re here, and we need to be aware of how our actions impact them.

Don’t Leave Food Outside
Forgot a bag of garbage outside? Left a few bottles next to the recycling bin? Dropped an empty box of takeout on your way home at 3 a.m.? Those are all wildlife attractants and those actions could end up killing a wild animal. After getting into human food, an animal will continue to seek out more human food rewards, and this can make them bold and aggressive. If they exhibit that behaviour, it could force park wardens to relocate the animal, or euthanize the animal for safety reasons.

Keep Your Distance
Give wildlife a lot of space. Never approach them or chase after them. Remember, this is a national park, not a zoo. Animals are wild and can become aggressive at any moment. It’s illegal to harass wild animals or disobey wildlife closures, and you could be fined.

Report Wildlife Sightings
If you have an encounter with wildlife, see any large carnivores (bears, cougars, wolves) or spot elk in the Town of Banff, report it to Parks Canada by calling 403.762.1470. Try to identify the species, and note the animal's description and behaviour, and if it’s wearing an ear tag or radio collar.

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