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Shouldn’t the Banff Housing Corporation (BHC) build new housing?
In June 2014, the board of directors of the Banff Housing Corporation decided to focus on its non-discretionary responsibilities; that is, services provided to the BHC homeowners and housing portfolio. The board requested the Town of Banff take over the development of housing and long-term housing planning. The Town has skilled staff and resources to undertake these tasks and project management.

Once the housing is developed, it will be managed in perpetuity by the Banff Housing Corporation.

Future Housing Developments

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1. Why is the Town building housing?
2. Shouldn’t the Banff Housing Corporation (BHC) build new housing?
3. Why are you building a multi-unit apartment and not row housing?
4. Why are you building rental housing and not homes for families to purchase?
5. How did you select these parcels?
6. Why are you developing the Deer Street parcel first?
7. Will property taxes go up because of it?
8. Can the Town afford to take on this debt load? Are taxpayers at risk?
9. What about the housing levy on my tax bill?
10. When will construction begin?
11. How many units will it contain?
12. How many people will live there?
13. What will it look like?
14. Will residents be consulted on building design?
15. How will renters access the building?
16. Will the lane be opened? Widened?
17. How much parking will you have? Will it be above ground or in a parkade?
18. Will it be built to LEED standard?
19. Will you add a traffic light to the Banff Avenue intersection?
20. Who is eligible to rent these units?
21. Will the units be accessible for those with mobility challenges?
22. What will the rents be?
23. Will my rent be determined by my income?
24. Is there a limit to the length of time a person can rent the unit?
25. Can I sublet while I travel? Can I sublet to roommates?
26. Do I need to sign up for a housing wait list?
27. Will pets be allowed?
28. Can I own property somewhere else and rent a unit?
29. How will you mitigate noise from tenants?