West Entrance Improvements

Improvements are being made to the west entrance to town on Norquay Road to calm traffic speeds and create a safer area for pedestrians.

Improvements began with the installation of the Banff welcome sign, which has become a popular stopping point for visitors. 

Due to its popularity, vehicles had been regularly parking along the shoulder, or in The Fenlands Recreation Centre parking lot with pedestrians crossing the busy roadway to photograph the sign.

As part of the townsite entrance improvement project, the Town of Banff implemented a number of safety measures and aesthetic improvements:

West Entrance to Banff
  • A pedestrian crosswalk from The Fenlands to the Banff sign
  • Installed planters to slow down traffic transitioning from 90 km/h from the highway to a pedestrian zone
  • Improved the look of the west entrance for a more welcoming experience
  • Created a distinct entrance to The Fenlands lot to encourage parking in the area
  • The speed limit has been reduced to 30km/h

This is a pilot project to learn more about vehicle movements, pedestrian access and to identify optimal lane width that is effective in slowing traffic but still allowing vehicle flow to downtown. 

The project team is also monitoring the increased CP Rail traffic this summer and the impact on vehicle traffic delays caused by more frequent and longer freight trains. 

After the pilot phase for the project, more permanent landscaping with low-profile features and pedestrian access will be designed for the Norquay Road entrance, while maintaining emergency vehicle bypass.